Windlight Winter Art Show Artist Showcase: Inara Pey, Eeraftr Resident, & Tripp Nitely

Today’s artist’s spotlights are on Inara Pey, Eeraftr Resident, and Tripp Nitely:

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Today’s Entertainment & Events!


It is Day #2 of the Windlight Winter Art Show & Winter Showcase! Today’s events are:

-Santa Stage – DJ Mia – 12 pm to 2pm slt

-Grand Opening of the Winter Art Show-Live Performer’s Stage-2pm to 6pm slt (2pm to 3pm slt- Live Performer Caasi Ansar, 3pm to 4pm slt-DJ John, and 4pm to 5pm slt-Live Performer Anek Fucks, and Art Show Tour-5pm to 6pm slt)

-7Seas Ice Skating Party with DJ May from 6pm to 8pm slt with 7seas Fishing starting at 605 pm slt


Windlight Winter Art Show Artist Showcase: Bryn Oh, Cica Ghost, & Secret Rage

The Windlight Winter Art Show has over 20 talented artists! Each day we will highlight these artists. Today’s highlights are on Bryn Oh, Cica Ghost, and Secret Rage!

You can read about these talented artists below:

Bryn Oh.png










About Bryn Oh:

Education/ Basic Training

Toronto School of Art
Zbrush computer animation
Seneca College, Toronto, Ontario.
Completed degree in Softimage computer animation program.
Bachelor of Art, A.O.C.A.D.,
Ontario College of Art and Design, Toronto, Ontario.
Completed years 1 and 2 at O.C.A.D. in Toronto, Canada, completed my 3rd year in Fine Art at O.C.A.D in Florence, Italy, finished final year in Toronto.
Carleton University, Ottawa, Ontario.
Completed 2 years of psychology before attending O.C.A.D.
Selected Independent Art Exhibitions and new media events

A “virtual environment” is an installation that takes place in a virtual world and in some cases it is a “hybrid” which means it is showing in both a virtual world and real world location at the same time. So for example Family unit was shown for a month to thousands of people in the virtual world while also playing on a monitor in a real world museum in Rome, Italy.

2015 “The Gathering”, Immersiva
2015 “Scissors”, Machinima
2015 “Inside”, MetaLES exhibition space.
2015 “Lobby Cam”, Virtual environment, Immersiva
2015 Imogen and the pigeons machinima, Ontario Arts Council new media grant

2014 Retrospective and Singularity of Kumiko, hybrid exhibition for Art & Algorithms digital festival, Titusville Florida
2014 “The Singularity of Kumiko” immersive environment.
2013 17th Biennial of Cerveira – invited artist hybrid first life and virtual environment.
2013 “Juniper” Machinima

2013 “Standby” Machinima
2013 “Imogen and the pigeons” immersive environment. Patrons: Peter Greenaway, Selby Evans, Lovers land studios and Entermeta.
2013 “Virginia Alone”, virtual environment hybrid exhibited at the Santa Fe new media festival.
2012 Feb-April “Standby”, virtual environment, support from the Ontario Arts Council grant for new media.
2012 Feb-October “Anna’s Many Murders”, virtual environment. machinima
Curator: Amase Levasseur
2011 “BOX”, virtual environment, Metales machinima
2011 Sept-Oct “Family Unit” virtual environment hybrid event Second Life/Musei in Commune, Rome, Italy. Curator Marina Bellini machinima
2010 Nov-Jan “Rabbicorn2”, Virtual environment (sponsored by IBM)
Curator: Andrew Sempere
2010 July-Aug “Machinima”, Queensland University of Technology, Australia.
2010 Apr-Sep World Expo 2010. Madrid Pavilion, Shanghai, China.
Exhibition of my machinima for six months on five four meter monitors.
Curator Cristina García-Lasuén
2010 Apr-May “Through the virtual looking glass”, University of Massachusetts, Boston, USA. Curator: Gary Zabel
2009 July-Sept “The Rabbicorn story”, virtual environment (sponsored by IBM)
Curator: Andrew Sempere
2009 Feb-Apr “26 tines”, hybrid virtual installation for the University of Texas San Antonio.
Curator: Carmen Fies
2009 “How we play”, Neutral Ground, Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada.
2008 Feb-May “The Daughter of Gears”, virtual environment, IBM/Second Life
Curator: Andrew Sempere
2008 Oct-Nov Burning Life/Man hybrid virtual environment, Second Life/Nevada.
Invited artist
2007 Apr-June “Condo’s in Heaven”,hybrid virtual installation at the University of Kentucky
Curator: Andrew Sempere
2007 Mar-May “4Jetpacks4”, hybrid Virtual environment, University of Massechussets
Curator: Gary Zabel
2006 Sept-Oct “Steampunk”, New Media Consortium, Princeton University.
Curator: Carol Pfeifer


2015 “Obedience”, virtual environment hybrid at the Jewish museum in Berlin with Peter Greenaway, Saskia Boddeke and Jo Ellsmere. Museum computer stations exhibiting the virtual space.

2014 “The Golden age of the Russian Avant-Garde” Moscow’s Manege Museum/ computer stations exhibiting virtual environments hybrid. Peter Greenaway and Saskia Boddeke supported by the British Council.
2013 “Danse Macabre” with Peter Greenaway. Basel, Switzerland
2013 “POLVERE DI STELLE” (Stardust) In collaboration with D. D’Art, Francesca, Barbi Marinetti, and Margutta RistorArte of Rome, MIC-Imagin@rium.
2012 SLACTIONS machinima festival.
2012 “The Cube Project” Collaborative build, Linden Endowment for the Arts
curator: Bryn Oh machinima
2012 “Further along the Path”, Collaborative exquisite corpse build, Linden Endowment for the Arts.
Curator: Bryn Oh machinima
2012 Creation of art for Cao Fei. (for upcoming project)
2011 “The Path” Collaborative exquisite corpse build, Linden Endowment for the Arts.
Curator: Bryn Oh Prim perfect
2011 virtual artwork created for the movie “My Avatar and Me”, Directed by Bente Milton.
2011 creation of a virtual articulated hand for artist Stelarc.
2010 MaMachinima International Festival (second life/ first life cinema)
2010 “Big Bang” Peter Greenaway project, Warsaw, Poland.
virtual artwork created for hybrid performance/installation.
2009 Nov-Jan Imagine festival, hybrid virtual environment Second Life, Yoko Ono/ University of Texas, San Antonio. Curator: Carmen Fies
2009 “Words Travel Fast”, Nuit Blanche, Toronto Transit Commission video monitors.
In collaboration with the poet Catherine Graham. (machinima)
2008 Brooklyn is watching, Jack the pelican presents, Brooklyn, U.S.A. (second life/first life mix)

2014 Received an Ontario Arts Council grant from the Canadian government for new media.
2012 Received an Ontario Arts Council grant from the Canadian government for new media.
Received the Peter Greenaway prize (machinima) (An award presented/selected by Director Peter Greenaway in association with the University of Western Australia.
Received the George A. Reid Award from the Ontario College of Art and Design for painting.
Selected Publications / TV

Drik Magazine
Because I am Not Here, Selected Second Life-Based Art Case Studies. Subjectivity, Autoempathy and Virtual World Aesthetics
Francisco Gerardo Toledo Ramírez
MediaLab – Prado (Spain) April 2012, Cristina García-Lasuén,”Open this end – Cinemapop”
Contra – March 2012.
Visual Effects Society (Los Angeles) Immersive Experiences: The Future of Entertainment.
Vogue Magazine (Italy), September2011,Lamonaca, Simona, “Non c’e, ma si vede” p.278
Web3D presenter, Paris, France.
Digital Cafe RAI TV (Italy) – Conference on digital innovation, Christina Cilli, Italian theoretician and curator of VR art
Artpulse Magazine, June 2010, Cristina García-Lasuén, “Video Art Now: Real, Virtual, and Machinima”
Art 21, November 2009 Gaskins, Nettrice, “Virtual artists immersive discoveries in virtual 3D frontier”
Artworker,September, 2009, Barass,Judy,”Is this the real world”
16th February 2003 Turnbull, Barbara, “The True Tale of a Renovation”, Toronto Star, p.F1,F4
1997 Baines, Chris et. al., “Wind, Water, Rock and Sky,” The Cognashene Book Corporation, Port Perry Printing Ltd., Canada


Cica GhostAbout Cica Ghost:

Cica Ghost
Artist from Serbia, in Second Life since 2010.

Past exhibitions:

2012, September – 2013, February
LEA 13, full sim
*Cica* (black and white world)

2013, January – February
”Pieces of Cica”, solo exhibition
Nitroglobus Gallery

2013, March – July
LEA 13, full sim

2013, July – September

2013, December
RED SHOES, collective exhibition
2013, October – December (extended to June 2014)
LEA 20
“Moving Islands” [Rafts], collective project by Eupalinos Ugajin
2014, February – March
Lost Town La Citta Perduta
*The Visitors*
2014, March – April
*Little Village*
2014, October – December
Tabboo Rock
*Little Town*
2015, March
The Living Room
*Small Worlds*
2015, March – April
Wondering Dew
2015, April – May
Wondering Dew
2015, May – June
Wondering Dew
*Life in a Bowl*
2015, August – September
Luna Isle
2015, October – November
current exhibit:

2015, July-December

Cica Ghost’s flickr:
Shop in SL:


secret's winter profile resized.png

About Secret Rage:
Secret Rage is a very busy avatar!

Linden Endowment for the Arts Committee Member
Chief Operating Officer for Aview.TV
Land Manager for Zen properties
Manager for singer Neal Hoffmann
3D Artist
2D Artist
and a Participant in many art exhibits, contests and shows around the grid~

“It is good to love many things, for therein lies the true strength, and whosoever loves much performs much, and can accomplish much, and what is done in love is well done.” ― Vincent van Gogh

Today’s Entertainment!

Featured Image -- 372

Join us in about 4 minutes for the start of our entertainment events at the 2015 Windlight Winter Art Show & Winter Showcase! Today’s events are:





You can view all our events at the following link:

Winter Showcase-Deals of the Day!

You can find the following great items at the Winter Showcase! The items below are set to 100% to Team Diabetes of SL!



Meshopotamia Christmas Kit 015 (1).png



TFF Poinsettia Maiden in Red 1024.png



Spyralle Koloa Holiday Black.png

Spyralle Koloa Holiday Red.png

Spyralle Koloa Holiday Blue.pngSLURL:

The Windlight Winter Art Show & Winter Showcase is Now Open!


The 2015 Windlight Winter Art Show & Winter Showcase is now open! You can visit the sim by using the following slurl:

You can find a list of merchants at the following link:

and a list of artists:

and check out our special events, where you can win free lindens:

of course we have parties, visit our events calendar:


Ugly Sweater Photo Contest-Win a Combined 5,000L’s in Prizes!



Windlight Magazine is pleased to announce it’s ugly sweater photo contest at the Windlight Winter Art Show & Winter Showcase! Below are the terms and entry info for this event!

Ugly Sweater Photo Contest:

Do not burn those ugly sweaters, instead take photos of them and enter to win a split 5,000L’s prize pot!

1st Place – 2500 Lindens & 1 double page ad in Windlight Magazine
2nd Place – 1500 Lindens
3rd Place – 1000 Lindens

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Press Days For the Windlight Winter Art Show & Winter Showcase!

Winter Show

The official press days for the Windlight Winter Art Show & Winter Showcase are 6 am slt, December 4 to 6pm slt December 5! If you are a blogger and/or SL media outlet and you would like to participate in these days, please contact Johannes1977 Resident in Second Life! You can find a complete list of participants at the Windlight Winter Art Show & Winter Showcase at the following link:

Team Diabetes Winter Art Show and Showcase in Second Life

Great review of the Windlight Winter Art show & Winter Showcase in support of Team Diabetes of SL by Inara!

Inara Pey: Living in a Modem World

Winter ShowTeam Diabetes of Second Life have announced their first Windlight Winter Art Show and Winter Showcase event for Second Life.

Starting on Monday, December 7th and running through until Sunday, December 13th, the Art Show and Showcase will feature a week of entertainment from Tribute bands and DJ sets, and there will be ice skating, ice fishing, a Santa hunt, a gingerbread house building contest, raffles, a winter photo contest and a special Christmas Masquerade Ball.

The Art show, sponsored and produced by Windlight Magazine and Windlight Art Gallery, will feature the work of Honey Bender, WrenNoir Cerise, Ilyra Chardin, Warm Clarity, Sparkie Cyberstar, Dawnbeam Dreamscape, Cica Ghost, Kayly Iali, JudiLynn India, Layachi Inhen, Wicca Merlin, Richie Narstrom, Bryn Oh, Inara Pey, Skip Staheli, Bluesrocker Resident, Eeraftr Resident, Johannes1977 Resident, Roffellos Resident, Saoiriseheart Resident, and Tripleplaynitely Resident.

The Winter Showcase, sponsored by Tayren’s Fantasy Fashions, will feature the brands: The House of Avro,  Kittycat’s…

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Team Diabetes of Second Life Welcomes Gem Sunkiller!


Team Diabetes of Second Life is proud to announce our newest advisory board member, Gem Sunkiller! Gem is no stranger to fundraising in both Second Life and real life and has extensive experience in charities.

Gem wasted no time in getting started with her new role by participating in a Second Life awareness and informational panel in Second Life about diabetes, discussing her own experiences with diabetes. Fellow advisory board member, Sandie Loxingly also participated.

Thanks to both Gem and Sandie for an excellent job!