Welcome to the Official Website of Team Diabetes of Second Life!

Welcome to our 5th annual Team Diabetes Season! You can pick up a fundraising kiosk at our headquarters, which is located at the Non Profit Commons in Second Life! Click Here to Teleport.

2020 Fundraising Totals:
-Offseason 2020 Donations: 63,790L’s/265.80 USD
-2020 Kiosk Donations: 309,190L’s/1288.30USD
-2020 Scare Me Silly: 137,861L’s/573.11 USD
-2020 Red Hunt: 7,110Ls/29.39 USD
-2020 Winter Showcase: 166,816Ls/ 695.07USD

GRAND TOTAL 2020: 684,767Ls/2857.375USD