Healthy Tip of the Day: How to Plan a Healthy Breakfast

Eating breakfast has shown to help boost metabolism, which means your body does a better job managing your weight. This can be a key factor for some people in managing their diabetes too. But whether you’re a student, parent, or working professional, your busy schedule might keep you from eating a balanced breakfast in theContinue reading “Healthy Tip of the Day: How to Plan a Healthy Breakfast”

Healthy Tip of the Day: Eating Out

When you eat out, you might think about ordering some of the unhealthy foods on restaurant menus. This can make it hard to manage your diabetes. However, you don’t have to stop eating at your favorite restaurants. Many restaurants today offer healthy foods on their menus. Some will let you ask for special foods forContinue reading “Healthy Tip of the Day: Eating Out”

Healthy Tip of the Day: 10 Ways to Plan Healthier Holidays!

The holiday season is here! This time of the year makes many of us think about festive gatherings and spending time with loved ones. It is important to remember how to manage your diabetes while you take part in the holiday fun. These 10 tips can help: – See more at:

National Diabetes Month Events in Second Life!

TEAM DIABETES OF SECOND LIFE SUPPORTS NATIONAL DIABETES MONTH FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE NOVEMBER 4, 2016 WEBSITE: SLURL: November is National Diabetes month! During this month, The American Diabetes Association uses the media to draw attention to diabetes awareness, prevention, treatments, and support mechanisms that are available to everyone. This November, Team Diabetes ofContinue reading “National Diabetes Month Events in Second Life!”

Last Week of Scare Me Silly!

This is the last week of the Scare Me Silly event, which is in support of Team Diabetes of Second Life! You still have plenty of time to shop, hunt, get scared silly and more! Below is a list of events this week: Thursday, October 27, 2016 – 6pm slt – Whymsee Friday, October 28,Continue reading “Last Week of Scare Me Silly!”

Today at the Scare Me Silly Event

Today is day #2 of the Scare Me Silly event and our events schedule is: All day: shopping, hunting, tricks, and tricks! 4pm to 530 pm slt – DJ Sandie 6pm to 730 pm slt – Bad Amp Rob Zombie Tribute slurl:

Scare Me Silly Event Shopping Guide

The Scare Me Silly Event begins tomorrow, October 13, 2016 and we have a preview of some of the items for sale that are in support of Team Diabetes of Second Life! You can find these items at the event:

2016 Winter Showcase Applications are Now Available!

Thank you for your interest in our second holiday season event for Team Diabetes of Second Life! Team Diabetes of Second Life is an official and authorized team of The American Diabetes Association! The Winter Showcase will begin on December 8, 2016 and end on Sunday, December 18, 2016! We are pleased to offer freeContinue reading “2016 Winter Showcase Applications are Now Available!”

November 2016 Art Gacha Event in Support of Team Diabetes of Second Life!

We are pleased to announce a special art gacha event in support of Team Diabetes of Second Life (! This event will be ran by Kultivate Magazine ( This event will take place November 15 to November 30. If you are interested please read the following rules and guidelines: Rules and Guidelines: All art workContinue reading “November 2016 Art Gacha Event in Support of Team Diabetes of Second Life!”

Still time to register for the Scare Me Silly Event!

Registration is now open for the Scare Me Silly Event! This event will take place on October 13 to October 31, 2016 and participation is FREE to all merchants! Please fill out the form below to register MERCHANT APPLICATION FORM