Scare Me Silly Is on the Creepy Crawl List!

It's Back! The 3rd Annual Creepy Crawl

Scare Me Silly will be on the 3rd Annual Creepy Crawl List! What is the Creepy Craw List? It is the official Halloween Event for Linden labs, where the Lindens go around Second Life and spend about 30 minutes in a haunted, scary area. You will have the chance to win prizes and more!

The Creepy Crawl tour will hit Scare Me Silly on October 31, 2017 from 1130 am to 12pm slt! DJ Vee will be on hand spinning some scary tunes and we hope that you enjoy this stopover!

The slurl to Scare Me Silly is:

And check out this link for more info for the Creepy Crawl:


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