Windlight Winter Art Show Artist Showcase: Skip Staheli,Warm Clarity, & Dawnbeam Dreamscape

The following artists can be found at the 2015 Windlight Winter Art Show: Skip Staheli, Warm Clarity, and Dawnbeam Dreamscape:



Hi there, thank you for visiting!

I am Skip, from the Netherlands.. love to make pics in Second Life…and started in august 2008 my photostudio in SL.. Photo Fantasy Studio PURPLE COWS…., never thought it would be THIS busy! Wow.. Im still surprised about the succes and the fact that SL people really seem to love to have their pictures done in SL. And that they choose.. ME to do that.. did u looked around and saw all this huge talents here on SL and flickr.. its amazing!

First I started for fun making pics for friends and myself, but soon I got asked to make pics for friends of friends..and their friends etc 😉 lol
So I deceided to begin my own studio.

I love to blend rl and sl pics…mixing all the time… I dont see myself as a pro at all or a superb artist.. lol.. Im still and always learning and am always playing and trying stuff….. most of the time I really do not know how I made a piece at the end lol… I just mess around. So dont ask me to make the same piece again.. I simply cant.
Also when people ask me how I do things, and how I achieve some effects ..etc.. most of the time, i cont have clue myself.. seriously!

For my SL work I use now PS CS6 and plugins like FilterForge and Alien Skin… I would be no where without my Bamboo drawing tablet.. a lot of my work I draw by hand. In RL I follow since 2 years art classes, and I draw with pencils and charcoal.. If I wouldnt have found out, through SL, how much fun and heart drawing is for me, I probably would also never learned about this creative side of me…

I won in 2011 the BOSL award “Best Photographer” and in 2012 the award “Photographer of the Year” for Finesmith. I’v been nominated from 2012 to this year, 2015 for the avi choice awards, in both fashion photographer and photographer in the arts and made it to the top 5.. This year, I also won the title Best Erotic Photographer, at the Adult Industry Awards… Can tell you, this all makes me so very proud! 😀

Well thats a bit about me…dont hesitate to ask me questions.. u can always drop me a note inworld.. visit my studio…or my flickr stream:

awesome funny request


Hugs Skip



Real Life Biography of Warm Clarity

Growing up surrounded by a love of the arts by both parents, my natural instinct to draw and keep drawing obsessively was nurtured by both my parents and the massive collection of fantasy art and fine art books surrounding me in childhood. I spent an entire summer in my teens working endlessly on a series of pieces consisting entirely of flowers in vases and yet another summer the subject matter was trees and eyes.

Inspired by literature, graphic novels of the 1970s and artists of the Impressionist and Surrealist movements my work tends to vary in style and subject matter yet still maintain the trademark flowing natural curves that dominates every piece. As unnatural as my work looks all subject matter tends to lean toward subjects of horticulture and biology – nature. Most pieces are full of vibrant contrasting color combinations through the use of oils, acrylics, opaque water colors (gouache), prismacolor -pencils, markers, and art stix chalk pastels, and oil pastels with the occasional venture into pen and ink, charcoals and graphite.
Inspired by the following artists (this list is definitely not exhaustive…the list is endless)
Vincent Van Gogh
Paul Gaugin
Edgar Degas
Pierre Auguste Renoir
Henri Matisse
Joan Miró
Salvador Dali
Maxfield Parrish
Peter Max
Frank Frazetta
Roy Lichtenstein
Janet Fish
Donald Roller Wilson


awesome funny request

Dawn Dreamscape.png




In a world of fantasy, all things are possible.  Dawn brings real world and Second Life together in her unique way of viewing both worlds.  We hope you enjoy the world through her eyes


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