Windlight Winter Art Show Artist Showcase: Ilyra Chardin, Sparkie Cyberstar, & WrenNoir Cerise

Artists Ilyra Chardin, Sparkie Cyberstar, & WrenNoir Cerise can all be found at the 2015 Windlight Winter Art Show! Below are the official bio’s for these artists:

ilyra - Rainy Days on Mondays Square









Ilyra Chardin is a designer and digital artist, specializing in mixed media storybook and landscape art.  She’s been featured at The Raglan Shire Art Walk, Builders Brewery Relay for Life Art Auction, Windlight Gallery as a Windlight Fellow, The Cheeky Lady Art Gallery, Creations for Parkinson Gallery, and in Art in the Park (a Gallery that she curates.)  Ilyra was featured in the November 15, 2015 issue of SL Enquirer in an articel by Dean Lawson, entitled, “The Multiple Layers of Ilyra Chardin.”  She is a Windlight Artist and Feature Contributor for Windlight Magazine.

Gallery links:




I bring a style I feel is my own. My photography is all raw and untouched for the most part just cropped , maybe a border and signed. I do play with a few simple textures as you’ll see here and there.
I am a photoshop/gimp illiterate 🙂 and decided to just work at shooting just a great shot without digital enhancement needed. I take photos of second Life of its beautiful worlds created who need no alteration to me. Sure I use windlight but other then that I would say I’m pretty traditional and my photos are pure through my eyes. I strive to bring out and show SL by shooting my photos as if I was in RL..

Please enjoy the beauty I find in SL.

Contact me for rates for : Portraits/People , couple, DJ & Musician Promo Pics . I Also do advertising photos/flyers

Cyberstar Gallery􀀄
Exhibit at Ground Zero Artists Village:

Previous & Current Exhibits:
Village at Eyeflyz since 9/28/2013 – Ongoing
Art in Hats 4/2014
Steampunk Bloggers Exhibit @ Skywalk Gallery- The Station -May 2014
The Black Door Gallery @ Key West – Love Hate exhibit – June 2014
My Gallery @ KW opened March 2015 – Ongoing – A mix of my fav & pretty eclectic pieces
“Reflections” at Rose Gallery @ Angel Manor March 2015
Ce Soir Spring May 2015
Ce Soir Summer Exhibit – July 2015
Exhibit at The Nawty Tiki Resort – Sept 2015
Windlight Gallery September 2015 Fellowship

Market Place:
On the web :

Phat Bottom Girls Tonight

Thanks for your interest contact me direct for rates & info.
Also if you see a photo online by me you’d like & Its not in my gallery just ask, I’ll get it for you.


WrenNoir Cerise.png


Hello and thank you for reading about me.

I have been creating art in RL ever since I can remember. Drawing, crafting, painting, anything that would be considered visually creative. Making art is something that I must do rather than just being something to do.

For me, the appeal of Second Life is it’s visual richness. The beautiful sims, the equally beautiful avatars, and the originality in the creations we see. All of it is used as inspiration for my inworld photography. And my preference is avatars. I like the personal nature of what is expressed in putting together one’s avatar as well as adornment in general. For this reason, the items made for avatars (clothes, hats, hair, skins, etc.) are usually my biggest inspirations. With the creation of mesh bodies, avatars are even more smooth and sensual, making photography of avatars truly pleasurable.

I work on SL photos every week. If I am not taking a photo it is only because I am scouting out locations or shopping for fun things to put in a photo. Because I came to SL for its visual pleasure, I prefer to take photos in an SL environment rather than a backdrop. Somehow the photo feels more 3 dimensional that way, but it also honors the environment which I love so much. I do use Photoshop in post processing, sometimes a lot, and sometimes very little. It depends on the photo and the mood I want in the photo.

My most recent source of pride is Visionaire Institute of SL Photography, where myself and Nariko Okawa teach new and aspiring photographers how to take the best photos they can. We focus on using SL tools to the utmost as well as teaching them how to truly ‘see’ the ins and outs of what makes one photo great while another photo makes no impact.

I hope you enjoy what you see. It is a culmination of about 4 years worth of finessing my skills which I hope will continue to grow.. Please consider this your personal invitation to join me on this journey of learning and creating fresh new things.

I'll say it a thousand times


I'll say it a thousand times

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