Happy World Diabetes Day!!

Today is November 14, 2022 and it is also World Diabetes Day! Today is the day that countries around the world meet in what is called the International Diabetes Federation to discuss better access to diabetes treatments and to promote diabetes awareness!

Join us in Second Life Today from 4 to 7pm slt for 3 hours of music at The Wild Rover, in support of World Diabetes Day! Today’s lineup is:

4pm slt – live performer Marqs deSade

5pm slt – live performer DimiVan Ludwig

6pm slt – live performer Abby Jaidov

We will also have a free gift pack for all attendees! We hope you can join us:

slurl: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Water%20Haven/101/135/25


Published by Johannes Huntsman

Owner, Publisher, & Editor In Chief of KultivateMagazine www.kultivatemagazine.com

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