2022 Winter Showcase & Art Show

The 2022 Winter Showcase & Art Show will take place December 1 to 14, 2022 and will feature shopping, two hunts, live music, art, photos with santa & more! 100% proceeds goes to Team Diabetes of Second Life, an official and authorized team of The American Diabetes Association!

Slurl: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Water%20Haven/187/150/34

Participanting Brands: Potomac Homes, Ever Green, !!Firelight!!, Pendragon Designs, Studio Line, MG Designs, Couture Chapeau, Dalrymple Designs, ART & FASHION, Artisan Antiques, Cosmos Boutique, Broomsticks & Cauldrons, The Undiscovered Jewel, QUE RICO Deign, Angel Fae Boutique, Fire Within, Peeps, Tchelo’s, PAJAMARAMA, Dollicide, Llama Inc, BE BOLD, Manikin, L’Artistan, DINKIEWEAR, Telsiope’s Couture, ::GK::, The Annex, Mystical Dreams and Fashion, & The Front Porch

Participating Artists: Bagnu Resident, Chic Aeon, Eucalyptus Carroll, Hannah Starlight, HarlowJamison Resident, Jamee Sandalwood, Jessamine2108 Resident, Llola Lane, maggiemagenta, Myra Wildmist, & Johannes Huntsman

Click for 2022 Shopping Guide

Click for 2022 Reindeer Hunt Hints & Prizes

2022 Events Schedule:
-Thursday, December 1, 2022:
-8am slt-Winter Showcase Opens
-8 am slt-Reindeer Hunt Begins
-4pm slt-live performer Rapid Randy
-5pm slt -live performer Sarita Twisted

-Friday, December 2, 2022:
-4pm slt – live performer Brenna

-Saturday, December 3, 2022:
-12pm slt – live performer Neomaximus Brandenburg
-1pm slt – live performer Ziggy Sixpence

-Sunday, December 4, 2022:
-1pm slt – live performer Marqs deSade

-Monday, December 5, 2022:

-Tuesday, December 6, 2022:
-4pm slt – live performer Rice Tyler

-Wednesday, December 7, 2022:
-5pm slt – live performer Dimivan Ludwig

-Thursday, December 8, 2022:

-Friday, December 9, 2022:
4pm slt – live performer Mimi Carpenter

-Saturday, December 10, 2022:
-12pm slt – live performer Grace Loudon

-Sunday, December 11, 2022:
1pm slt – live performer Kris Composer

-Monday, December 12, 2022:

-Tuesday, December 13, 2022:
-5pm slt – live performer Angelikus

-Wednesday, December 14, 2022:
-4pm slt – live performer Max Kleene
-5pm slt – live performer Khiron
-1159 pm slt – Reindeer Hunt Ends
-1159 pm slt – Winter Showcase Ends

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