Team Diabetes of Second Life Announces The Red Gallery!

Thank you for your interest in The Red Gallery.  This gallery raises funds for Team Diabetes of Second Life. Before registering, please read the following terms and guidelines:

-All artists and artwork must follow the Second Life TOS and guidelines
-All artists are allotted 10 prims
-All artwork must be of your own intellectual property
-You must join our group to rezz
-All artwork must be moderate/mature rating in nature, adult themed artwork is not allowed
-You must use our split profit scripts
-At the end of your exhibit, you must pick up your prims or we will return them. We are not responsible for the condition in which your prims are returned
-No auto group joiners, particle makers, temp rezzers, or chat spammers are allowed. You can have a touch group joiner
-No hovertext is allowed
-No donation kiosks or charity info for any other charity but Team Diabetes of Second Life
-You are allowed to register for multiple rounds but you must change the artwork for each round

For information and to apply:


Published by Johannes Huntsman

Owner, Publisher, & Editor In Chief of KultivateMagazine

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