Windlight Winter Art Show Artist Showcase: Bluesrocker Resident, Roffellos Resident, and Wicca Merlin

Today’s artist’s spotlight is on Bluesrocker Resident, Roffellos Resident, and Wicca Merlin! You can read about these talented artist’s below:

Blues Rocker Photo


I’ve been involved in the arts most of my life. Coming from a musical background, I have had a very keen appreciation of the creative process, whether it be in music, the performing arts,painting, writing or photography. Having that interest sparked my involvement in the artistic possibilities of Second Life.

As for the creating of the photos, I much prefer shooting out on location in the multitude of amazing sims which populate SL than in a studio, as I feel I get much better results that way. Since starting seriously taking photographs in SL about two years ago, I have broadened my horizons in what wonders this virtual world has to offer. Really, the only limits are those of the imagination.

I like to be diverse in my works, and I love taking portraits, landscapes and profile photos equally. Wherever my muse takes me at any given time.

In addition to SL photography, I currently run an SL travel blog, Blue Bones Bagat with my partner Bones Delicioso-Rocker, a chronicle of our journeys through the various amazing builds Second Life has to offer :
To see more of my work you can go to my Flickr page

Online Portfolio :

I would like to thank two people, without whom I would not be doing what I am doing today. Kaijah Chrome, whose photography class spurred me to pursue photography in Second Life, and Bones Delicioso-Rocker. My partner in love and crime. My muse more than she will ever know.




Born in the United Kingdom I found Second Life rather late on in my Real one. So yes I am still relatively young here which , in my eyes is fantastic!
I have had and still have great joy and personal reward in wandering discovering new places , seeing how people have got their own creative juices cooking in what they build and how they present their avatar for others to see.
Although my work is very personal and is primarily avatar focused I am discovering new joys in landscapes and objects.
I have already had the pleasure of showing some of my work at Creations fight against Parkinsons show , Windlight Magazine Gallery,Panorama Gallery and a current exhibition for Team Diabetes at Little Yoshiwara 􀀁

My thanks to all who encourage me to make more and explore more not least of which is my Angel without whom I would never have taken a single picture.



Wicca Merlin - Closeup 2015 (1024x1024)

Wicca Merlin came to Second Life 2007 when a friend told her she could experience music from other countries as her home country of Germany did not afford her the same exposure to music from around the globe. Presently Wicca is a designer and has her own brand, Wicca’s Wardrobe. Wicca’s Wardrobe is a team of 4 people – Veovis, Redclaw and Wicca – who design and create together and Prisilla, who is the good soul and GM.
She is a well known, experienced and respected model and blogger who enjoys mentoring others. In her blogging and photography, she always strives to be different, bringing in her love of fantasy and Avant Garde, her photography always takes on a bit of an edge. Wicca was surprised that her photography would be considered art and was flattered to be invited to create an exhibit.

Wicca Merlin

Hell has to wait…


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