Windlight Winter Art Show Artist Showcase: Inara Pey, Eeraftr Resident, & Tripp Nitely

Today’s artist’s spotlights are on Inara Pey, Eeraftr Resident, and Tripp Nitely:


About Inara Pey:

I have been active in Second Life continuous since the end of 2006, although I initially started in-world earlier than that. My interests are widespread and cover many SL activities, although I am perhaps best known as a blogger and SL / virtual worlds commentator. I’m not in any way a qualified artist or photographer; my images are primarily intended to illustrate my blog ( I’m therefore flattered that people enjoy seeing them, and to be offered opportunities to display images at events like this.



Ever After Winter Show.png

About Eeraftr Resident:

Ever After has been involved in the art of SL photography since the beginning of her Second Life. The love of capturing a perfect moment in time is her constant focus. Opening Ever After Photography Studios has offered her a chance to allow her to enjoy creating those perfect moments for others as well as herself.

Focusing mainly on portraits she has begun expanding her porfolio with landscapes and other aspects that catch her eye. In an ever changing world it is important to keep improving and expanding on one’s passions.


About Tripp Nitely:

Tripp Nitely.png

Even though I’m relatively new to Second Life, photography has been a big part of my life since I was a kid. So I guess it’s only natural that I would get taken with the fascination of photography in the virtual world. Early on in SL, I had the excellent good fortune to meet and become friends with the wonderful and talented artist and photographer Rosy Highwater, owner of the beautiful Black Basalt Beach on the Brandy Wine Island sim.

Rose has been a real inspiration for me, as well as a mentor and my greatest supporter. Rose and I partnered a little while back and have been working on various projects, including a new sim and gallery that we plan to open to the public soon. We recently started the flickr group “Unforgettable Second Life” showcasing the work of many of the top photographic artists in Second Life. On a more personal note, I was recently honored as the winner of the Windlight Magazine Back to the Beach Photo Contest, an accolade I am truly proud to have received. Rose’s work and my own can be enjoyed on flickr.



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